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As I did with Make Money Taking Surveys, and for the very same reasons, I decided to join Survey Scout when I was still only exploring the whole internet business thing.

The overall experience was very positive and some of the surveys opportunities I found within Survey Scout were not available at Make Money Taking Surveys, so being a member of both sites at the same time was really a plus.

With the addition of Survey Scout I managed to take my "survey profits" to around $900 per month, which at the time did not sound bad at all considering I had to do nothing but fill out forms and surveys.

Survey Scout really stands out in organization and in each case they will provide you with simple details on the type of survey you are about to take and what kind of payment you will receive (either prizes or cash).

One neat feature about Survey Scout is that they provide you with a Free Auto-Filling Software (Robo-Form) which enables you to save a lot of time and maximize your profits.

Also, it is my understanding that they recent;y added a huge database of companies that offer real freelance and home jobs like call center agent, costumer service representative and several other options.

I do not think Make Money Taking Surveys is actually a better paid surveys website than Survey Scout, which is one of the reasons you will see their ratings are essentially the same.

The only thing I found superior about Make Money Taking Surveys is that they usually have a bit more surveys and offers you can take advantage of, but with regards to the website's functionality and up-to-date information, both sites are pretty alike, so you cannot go wrong with any of them if paid surveys is what you are after.

Remember that without exception, all the programs I recommend are backed by genuine money back guarantees, so you can try this service without any risk at all.


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