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Stock Assault 2.0 is a very useful and consistent trading tool that works by downloading a software and installing it in your computer. Once you put it to work it will stay a week or so analyzing the stock market and then it will start issuing stock picks almost every day.

Once I installed Stock Assault -which I did a few days after it was launched- the trading signals that I started receiving have been -and keep on being- exactly the ones that they are making available for everyone to see at the Stock Assault 2.0's website (see Stock Assault 2.0 trading record so far).

This means that you can start trading for weekly gains that will often go from 3% to 20% or more using this software. What you have to do is simply buy the picked stock at the price of the opening bell, and sell it once you receive the signal to do so, also at the price of the opening bell.

You will be usually holding your positions for about 1-4 days (it may be longer, but that is the average ), so you will lock in your profits rather fast and then you will keep receiving signals for new trades. It is important that you consider what your broker's commission is, so you adjust the size of your trades accordingly, because that will have an impact on your profits.

For instance, if your broker charges $7 per trade, this means that once you buy a stock, you are already $14 down (because you will need to sell it later and that means another $7). Therefore, in this case it would be advisable to buy at least $1,000 worth of stock, because that way you will only need a gain of 2% to make a profit. If you do not have to much money to invest, simply buy one stock at a time.

This software is very consistent, so it will basically make you money almost every week from the start, which makes it a great and reliable trading tool to make money within the stock market. Be patient and disciplined and you will grow your investment fast.

Given the consistency of Stock Assault 2.0, and the fact that a capital investment allows you to take advantage of  what is called the "compounding effect", if you choose not to spend your profits but you keep reinvesting, the long term potential is simply astounding.

Just to give you an idea, if you start managing an investment of $1,000 within the stock market using Stock Assault 2.0, and you average weekly gains of 5% (which is more than possible based on Stock Assault's performance) you would have around $66,247.37 by the 24th month, provided that you kept reinvesting without spending any money.

That is the math, but of course, it is possible that Stock Assault's performance will vary over time, so maybe you will have months with higher gains and months with lower gains. In any case, this software has proven to be a solid technology with the abillity to be profitable in any market condition, and I say this because during the month of February 2009 in particular -which was a horrible month- Stock Assault performed very well.

This to me is a clear sign that the software is designed to handle downturns, upturns and whatever the market might want to throw at it. Therefore, it this is a clear sign that Stock Assault will keep the same record it has shown so far and therefore, it will keep on delivering the same results in the long run.

If you have never traded the stock market you might feel that this is not for you, but let me assure that even under those circumstances you can put this software to good use without any problem.

Do not get me wrong, trading stocks (or anything else for that matter) is a risky business, so you do need to know at least the basics, which is how to place and close a trade order with a broker like E-trade, Thinkorswim etc.

Therefore if you have never traded before, then the first thing you should do is open a paper money account with any broker you might like, and learn how to open and close a trade order. Once you are past that, using Stock Assault will simply involve buying stocks and selling them whenever the software tells you to.

You will need only about 15 minutes per day to trade the stock market with Sock Assault 2.0, and believe me, when I say 15 minutes, I really mean it.

Indeed, your work will consist in placing your trade orders before the market open (which takes place at 9:30 a.m ET) based on the signals you will receive usually the night before or early in the morning each day. Once you see the signals, simple leave your orders placed in a "working" status and once the market opens the buy or sell orders will be filled automatically, that's is.

So from a time dedication stand point, this software literally buys hours of you life everyday, hours where you would otherwise have to be researching the stock market to spot good trading opportunities.

Sock Assault is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, which is almost standard these days, so you can actually get it, use it and put it to the test on a paper money or demo account and you will be risking zero money until you feel comfortable with the software.

I strongly advise you to do this, because one thing is learning from me how effective this trading tool is, and another completely different story is experiencing it yourself. When I purchased Stock Assault 2.0 I did not have any reliable information to help me make a decision, but with a 60 money back guarantee I certainly thought it was worth a try.

As for support goes, the Stock Assault 2.0 team usually takes no more than 24 hours to reply an inquiry, and you can find a lot of useful information in the FAQ section of the website, including many user related issues.

Great performance and simplicity that allows for both short term and long term profit potential, at a reasonable price.

You have to pay $8 per month if you want the SMS signals on your phone, but  given the performance and price of Stock Assault 2.0 this really did not bother me much.

One of the best trading tools available to trade the stock market safely and consistently, with almost zero time dedication and at a very reasonable price.


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