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The Day Trading Robot is a software designed to analyze the stock market in real time, and based on such analysis, it releases what is called "stock picks", which so far have had a tendency of being explosive, meaning that they have doubled or tripled in price within days (particularly those released through the newsletter).

The Day Trading Robot involves two different products, which you can access separately:

One is the newsletter service (this is the one I use), in which you will be receiving stock picks from time to time along with all the details of the trade you will have to place. You will receive these stock picks via email and you will be given plenty of notice several days ahead of the release, so you do not miss the trading opportunity.

The newsletter in particular will not give you that many stock picks (you might get one or two per month at the most), but each and one of these stock picks will be a homerun. So with this service you will not be trading frequently, but when you do you will make serious money.

The other product that will soon be offered is a smaller version of the Day Trading Robot that currently releases the stock picks for the newsletter, which will have the ability to release stock picks more frequently, and this one you will be able to install right in your computer and use it on a daily basis to trade the stock market. The software is not available for everyone yet, however, they will occasionally offer the opportunity to use the beta version of the software to some of the Day Trading Robot newsletter subscribers.

Therefore, if you get lucky you might have the chance to use the Day Trading Robot Software before everybody else does.

The beauty of the Day Trading Robot newsletter, and the reason I subscribed to it, is that it targets stocks that are trading on very low levels instead of high profile company stocks.

These stocks usually move at rates that a normal stock could only dream of. For instance, it is very hard to see a company with a $70 stock price roar to $140 in one day, whereas cheap stock will often move 100%, 300%, 500% within days or even hours.

This means that if you buy $400 worth of a cheap stock and it rises 300%, well, you just turned that investment into $1,200. Of course not all stock picks will be that huge, but if you build up your account with many winning trades of 100%, 200% or more every now and then, you can quickly turn a small investment into a small fortune.

This is one easy way to make a lot of money trading stocks, without the need to invest or risk too much. However, when companies are so low valued, it is hard to tell in advance which of these stocks will make a good run, so that is why having a service like the Day Trading Robot is essential, otherwise you will be simply buying a lottery ticket and not making an investment.

I used to be a subscriber of many free newsletter which provided information and picks on these kinds of stocks, but the problem is that those picks where often biased because the websites had advertising contracts directly or indirectly with the company they were advising you to buy, so at times their signals were not very reliable.

That is why I decided to switch to a paid service like the Day Trading Robot's newsletter, because this way I could be confident that I was going to receive stock picks based on market data and not on some other hidden interests.

Day Trading Robot is backed by an 8 week money back guarantee, so you can receive the stock picks for two months and place the trades on paper money (any broker like Thinkorswim or Etrade will allow you to trade on paper money). This will allow you to see for yourself the kind of money you can make with this service and how consistent and reliable it is.


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