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The Commission Blueprint is to me one of the best educational resources ever to be released in the affiliate marketing arena, and one of the best ways to make quick money with a high potential for growth.

Commission Blueprint is not a comprehensive affiliate marketing course, but instead it is a very smart and focused set of methods and strategies you will find nowhere else.

Indeed, this course helps you tackle mainly the marketing of Clickbank products with some very simple techniques that are also very ingenious, so they are difficult if not impossible to see by naked eye.

Like Maverick Money Makers, I love about this product that one of the authors, Steve Clayton -the guy who actually discovered and organized these methods- is not some guru, but a guy like you and me, that simply had a clever idea, put it to work and he made literally millions of dollars in less than a year.

Why I love this? Because in most cases a guru is so busy being a guru that he forgets he is talking to a mortal like us, so they tend to drown us in fancy theories often forgetting to show us what really matters: the money.

Like I said, this is not a comprehensive internet marketing course, but a very effective manual to build a specific business model within the affiliate marketing arena.

In the box you will find basically 14 videos and 3 .pdf books with very well laid out and organized content. I would skip the first two videos, not because they are bad quality or anything, but because they have no meat, as they are more about motivating you and stuff, so only view them if you feel you need your spirit to be lifted.

If you want to go straight to business go directly to video #3, where you will find precisely a "blueprint" to instantly develop your business around topics like:

Keyword research. Here you will not find the same old stuff about keyword research, because although many of the basics are essentially the same, Commission Blueprint fine tunes this discipline to make your work both more efficient and effective.

Domain names and hosting. Usually the internet marketing courses overlook this topic, and after taking this course I suspect it might be deliberate attempt to hold you back and prevent your from becoming too competitive. As you will soon learn, the domain name has a key role in creating and promoting a website through AdWords or any other marketing channel.

Creating AdWords Optimized Landing Pages. This another essential factor that is completely ignored by every of the other courses I have purchased, because usually all you get are some ideas on how to set up an AdWord campaign, but they focus on what you must do within your Google AdWords dashboard and leave aside the importance of optimizing your landing page for such campaign. Why is this important? Well, because this will save you a ton of money and skyrocket your campaign's performance.

Also, you will be receive a complete training guide on how to scale up your affiliate marketing business around all the methods and strategies you will learn from Commission Blueprint.

The great thing about this course is that it also provides you with results-driven know-how from which you can start profiting within days of having started your business. However, if you want a more comprehensive and complete course Maverick Money Makers is your best option.

Commission Blueprint is a great option to make a lot of money quick, with the added value of a business that you can grow over time. The system is really unique.

This product is also backed by a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you decide to put it to the test you will have roughly two months to work with it and see for yourself how profitable Commission Blueprint can be.

One of the downsides of this course however, is that if you need support -or coaching- it will be hard to get. You can submit inquiries and contact the Commission Blueprint, but it will take a few days for them to respond.

Aside from that, this course is really dynamite and you will be able to make money real quick using the techniques and methods you will learn from it, and as they say, this is not some hocus-pocus money making scheme so "don't expect to make a million bucks in your first few days or weeks... expect to make a few thousands".


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