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When I was in my early stages -and being scammed like twice a month- Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits was kind of that little bright light in a world of darkness, because indeed, this was the first internet marketing course that really delivered real educational value to my online business endeavor.

I still remember myself battling for months with different sources of paid advertising that did not work and without any clear idea of how internet marketing worked, until I stumbled upon Autopilot Profits, which I must confess was a totally random event. This course caught my attention simply because or the catchy name and the price (not the smartest way to choose a program, but I did not know better at the time).

At this point I had been scammed a several times, so I was thinking twice before pulling out my wallet to pay $200 or $300 for any system. However, since Autopilot Profits was only $27 and it was backed by an 8 week money back guarantee, I said to myself what the heck "I am not risking anything", so I went ahead and purchased the course.

Well, aside from some of my more recent purchases, I would say this is the single best investment I have ever made to make money online, not because this course is the best on the face of the earth, but because it meant a real turning point for me in terms of know-how and profits. It is not like I paid for the course and suddenly I was making money, but the fact is that my affiliate marketing business at the time was making me less money than what I was getting for paid surveys!

The thing is that Autopilot Profits put me on the right track for good, I finally gained a clear understanding of how internet marketing worked and what was really needed to create an effective internet marketing business.

By going through this course I finally started seeing some very encouraging results, like my first $200 week using only free traffic and SEO basic techniques I learned from the course.

Ewen Chia's Autopilot Profits is comprised of 8 video tutorials (I do not know if he has added new content) where all the information is very well laid out and organized. These tutorials will really open your eyes to the mechanics behind internet marketing and you will really start seeing and enjoying the profit potential behind internet marketing. I assure you this will be like a business awakening to you.

However, as much as Autopilot Profits is a great course, it is limited to the basics of internet marketing, so you yes it will allow you to start working effectively and you will make money rather quickly, but if you want to take your business to the next level you will either need to upgrade your education with a product like Maverick Money Makers or Commission Blueprint, or spend a good year or so trying to figure out ways to scale up your business.

I tell you this because after my first $200 (which came two weeks after I purchased the course) I started growing $50 to $100 each week after that until I kind of hit a wall and I just could not pass the $500 per week mark, and it was only by increasing my know-how that I could actually improve my performance and keep on growing.

I honestly think that if you do not want to spend a lot of money to make money quick and you are not a seasoned internet marketer, Autopilot Profits is place to start, because it will really put you on the right track fast. This is like a sort of a b c of internet marketing that will allow you to understand this business and profit from it very quickly, regardless of your previous background.


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