There Are A Few Websites That Will Pay For Your Articles | Learn How To Make Quick Money By Writing

Article writing is a really fun way to start making some money online. If you love writing, starting on this path is your best bet, as this is completely free and you can make a few hundred dollars if you write consistently a few articles per week.

Indeed, if you know a little about anything or you simply have a strong opinion about any subject, you can just go ahead and share it with the world through a small article that you will post at a couple of websites that will not only allow you to do so, but that will also pay you for your content as well as the visits your article pulls in!

These websites are:

Both are free to join and the two have rather similar editorial guidelines. For instance, none of them will accept promotional articles or low quality articles (meaning articles with excessive errors).

However, the great thing about these websites is that you ca receive up-front payments for your articles ranging from $5 to $200 or more, as well as performance payments based on the traffic your articles get from search engines, social websites and other inbound links that might attract visitors to your content.

Associate content will pay you $1,50 for every 1,000 visits and I think Helium will pay you around $0,20. However, up-front payments at Helium tend to be juicier.

Therefore, it is important that you write your articles very carefully to make them appealing both to readers and search engines (this will involve some search engine optimization or SEO of your content), as this will be a way of driving traffic naturally to your content.

Also, once your articles have been approved, take your article's link and submit it to all the social websites like,,,, twitter, facebook etc.

There are literally hundreds of social websites that you can use to bookmark your content and increase its exposure and thus your profits, as doing so could mean the difference between thousands of visits to your articles and just a few dozen visitors each month, so I strongly recommend you to use them all.

I know this process can be painstaking, but you just cannot skip this step. If you do not want to waste too much time bookmarking your articles, you can use an automated software like Bookmarking Demon.

A tool like this will spare you a lot of bookmarking time leaving you more room to create new content which is what will ultimately make you money in the article writing business.

A healthy schedule for anyone looking to create a nice stream of income from article writing should include a goal of 2 to 4 search engine optimized articles per day, plus the bookmarking of all your articles at all the social websites available.

If you do the math, 2 articles per day add up to roughly 700 articles within the year, and assuming that you optimized your content for the search engines and you did you fair share of bookmarking to all the social websites in order to attract visitors to your content, you could average 1,000 monthly visits to each one of your articles, which would mean about 700,000 total monthly visits.

This could translate in about $3,500 to $140,000 in up-front payments, plus about $1,000 per month in performance payments and if you keep going year after year and you write more than 2 articles per day, well, you do the math.

So as you can see, maybe article writing will not make you millionaire overnight, but it sure has some hidden profit power that anyone can exploit without being the next Pulitzer. So if you feel you would have fun writing wait no more and start right now.

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