The Genesis Of MakeQuickMoney.Info

My story as an online business entrepreneur is as real as it is almost unbelievable, because I always thought I would be the last person in the world to make a living from a computer. Indeed, to me the internet  was simply a place to watch videos at YouTube and find information about restaurants and movies, or simply shop online.

You see, I have always been more of the conventional type of guy, I have a law degree and I always used to picture myself working all my life at a top law firm and making a lot of money, which I accomplished almost as soon I graduated.

But the truth of the matter is that after 15 years working an average of 2,000 billable hours per year, you start to wonder: what the heck am I doing with my life?, because yes, the money was great and my bank account was growing every day, but the simple fact was that I really had no time to enjoy my life, so that money was worth nothing unless I had the time to use it!

That feeling made me think out of the box, and suddenly I was spending long hours late at night after work in front of my computer, trying to figure out what else could I do with my life that would make me enough money without sucking the blood out of me?

The first thing I stumbled upon was paid surveys (and I think that is what happens to everyone at the beginning), something that I took very seriously and joined sites like Make Money Taking Surveys, Survey Scout, ans Paid Surveys Etc.. This way I managed to earn some good cash, but it did not take long for me to realize that if I was to make money online -at least enough to quit my very nice paying day job- I would have to do something else.

I do not regret that first stage of my online entrepreneurial career so to speak, because I got some extra cash and I learned a few things along the way, but most importantly, I developed a kind of awareness about the potential for money the internet had for me (or anyone else willing to tackle the online busines arena).

Of course -and I know I am not the only one to have gone through this- I was scammed several times before putting my hands on really useful information and resources, but eventually I did, and that single positive event made all of the rest disappear, because I knew I was onto something, and I was not wrong.

After several months working to develop an online business I was not making what I needed to replace my salary, but what I realized at the time was this kind of business was almost risk free and had no limits whatsoever as to how much it could grow.

Therefore, even though this meant working almost 22 hours a day (because I still had my regular job) I kept pushing hard and putting a lot of effort while investing in good educational resources like Maverick Money Makers,  until after roughly a year my business was making me almost as much as my day job, so as you might imagine, YES!, I fired my boss and dedicated myself to running my own show.

This allowed me to research more, learn more and develop both myself and my business, which has enabled me to enjoy a success not only at internet marketing, but also at forex and stock trading, so quietly but consistently I have been growing my income from very different streams up to a point where I really don't have to worry about money at all, while I have time for me and my family.

To me this outcome is simply unbelievable, because a year ago being my own boss while making more money than what my day job made me was almost unthinkable, and getting here took me less than a year!

That is why I decided to call my website MakeQuickMoney.Info, because making money money online is -I would dare to say- the only way to make the kind of money you need to make a comfortable living fast, without the need for you to invest a lot of money or a lot of time.

Therefore, I invite you to navigate MakeQuickMoney.Info and take advantage of all the information I have put together about all the tools and resources I have used and continue to use to run my own business, so you can start your own without wasting time or money and achieve what I have: a completely new life!

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